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Volunteering with the Puerto Rico Project and Chicago Recovery Alliance

by Octavio Urbina for SUST 350 This is my last year here at Roosevelt University.  I was asked to do a semester internship with an organization that focused on doing something with either people or the environment and helping them … Continue reading

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Building a Sustainable and Resilient Environment

by Sylwia Kmiec for SUST 350 Part of creating a sustainable and resilient environment is to improve and protect the quality of this place we call home, through the elimination of all the harm humans cause. This idea is explored … Continue reading

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Fighting Climate Change by Learning from Indigenous Communities

by Jessica Villarreal for SUST 350 While many of us are aware of the global changes we are experiencing due to climate change, we seldomly consider how it affects those who live where these changes are most intense: the Arctic. … Continue reading

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The Social Equity Crisis: Interconnections among Sustainability, Social Justice, and Politics

by Jordan Fierst for SUST 350 The three Es of sustainability — environment, economy, and equity — guide the conversation around sustainable development. If all three of these pillars are not considered, sustainable development can never be fully achieved. To … Continue reading

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Volunteering as a Bridge to a Lost World

By Christine Rado for SUST 350 When I was a kid, we didn’t volunteer. We weren’t necessarily “poor,” per se, but we weren’t exactly middle class either. We did struggle, as did many families ran by a single mother. Therefore, … Continue reading

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A Petition to Fight Environmental Classism on Chicago’s Southeast Side

By Jake Hanahan, SUST Student Associate Recently, the Southeast Environmental Task Force started a petition to stop the relocation of a major polluter to Chicago’s Southeast Side in a blatant case of environmental classism. The polluter in question, open-air scrap … Continue reading

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Planning for Environmental Justice: Kim Wasserman of LVEJO @RooseveltU, this Wed 9/26

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