Congrats To Our Spring 2019 Graduates!

Today is one of the best days of the year here at Roosevelt University: Commencement! The faculty of the Sustainability Studies program warmly congratulate all of our graduating students today as they walk across the famous and historic Auditorium Theater stage to complete their undergraduate journeys: Nicole Braus, Jack Hanahan, Rachel Kistinger, Wilmarie Medina-Cortes, Clare Mondry, Margaret Ochs, and Charlton Zimmerman.

While every student’s journey to graduation is unique and worthy of commendation, no-one gets there without a lot of motivation, hard work, tenacity, and support from family and/or friends. Often great adversities must be overcome along the way, on top of balancing the demands of work, classes, and family duties. We’re proud of all RU students’ dedication to their education, and especially our SUST majors’ focus on helping make the world more sustainable for this and future generations.

In that spirit, we’re sharing the remarkable story of SUST senior Nicole Braus (BA ’19), who is completing her degree as a third-generation Roosevelt student, following in the footsteps of her sister, mother, and grandfather. Read Nikki’s story and prepare to be inspired!

Nicole “Nikki” Braus (BA ’19), holding a photo and the diploma of her grandfather, Albert Braus (BA ’48), who received his degree three years after RU’s founding.

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