Introducing RU’s Sustainability Student Leaders for Spring 2019!

RU’s Sustainability Studies program is proud to introduce its Spring 2019 Sustainability Leadership Team. Read on for a short bio of each member, in their words:

Margaret Allen, Sustainability Student Associate
My name is Margaret Allen. I was born and raised in a southern suburb called Mokena, located in between Joliet and Orland Park. I am in my senior year, graduating this fall. I transferred to RU in the fall of ’18 specifically for the Sustainability Studies program, after reading about all the different types of field trips they run. Pleased to find how many you get to go on through every SUST course! I am interested in educating the masses about environmental injustices — not only to the poor, but the entire human race. As one of the SUST program’s student assistants this semester I hope to engage with more non-sustainability students to answer any and all questions on what sustainability means and how to incorporate it into everyday life. (I promise it isn’t as hard or as expensive as you may think!)

Jake Hanahan, Sustainability Student Associate
My name is Jake Hanahan. I’m from Bartlett, in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. I transferred into RU from Northern Illinois University in 2017, and I’m now in my last semester of senior year. I have always enjoyed nature and I believe that it is absolutely essential that we take care of it. That said, after graduation I hope to get a job with a nonprofit environmental advocacy group and help fight for government policies to mitigate climate change! I am a member of RU Green, Roosevelt’s sustainability club, and this semester I am also working in Roosevelt’s Sustainability Studies program as a Sustainability Student Associate. In my free time I enjoy playing guitar and playing video games, and I am also an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America (as part of which I have gone on many a camping trip in the wilderness) and a Second-Degree Black Belt in Karate.

Samantha Schultz, RU Green President
I am Samantha Schultz, president of RUGreen, here at Roosevelt University, Chicago campus. I am from St. Charles, a western suburb of Chicago. I am majoring in psychology, but that does not keep me from my strong interest in sustainability. I also enjoy playing guitar, writing poetry, skateboarding, and being outdoors. My love for the outdoors inspired me to want to take care of it and encourage others to do so as well. I used to run an Earth Club in elementary school with my friends and make them pick up trash, but now I get to run an Earth Club and pick up trash with people who actually want to. I am proud to have come full circle and to be given the opportunity to encourage and educate others on the importance of our actions and their impact on our lovely home, Earth.

Sophia Gallo, RU Green Vice-President
I’m a current Freshman (class of ’22) from Glen Ellyn, a western suburb of Chicago. I’m majoring in sociology but am also interested in documentaries/film, music, art, and of course sustainability. I’m currently RU Green’s Vice President and I’m interested in reducing waste created both by individuals on a small scale and whole companies on a large scale. 

We’re glad to have these RU Sustainability Student Leaders bringing energy and enthusiasm to the university’s environmental efforts this Spring! If you want to get involved please contact SUST prof Mike Bryson (, who will be glad to get you in touch with RU Green. All majors are welcome!


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