Summer Research Positions for Students in RU’s Policy Research Collaborative

The RU Policy Research Collaborative is seeking motivated Chicago-area undergraduate and graduate students to join a 10-member team in Summer 2018 that will research housing data for a study to determine the financial impact that predatory house-purchase contract sales had on black homeowners in Chicago’s racially transitioning communities.

If you are interested in joining us for this research project, please send the following materials via e-mail to, with the subject line, “Housing Equity Research Assistant – [Your Name]”:

  1. A cover letter articulating your specific interest in this project; and,
  2. A current resume or CV.

Positions are expected to start mid-May for up to 40 hours per week at $15/hour, for an eight-week period. Apply now!

For more information on this research project and student employment opportunity, check out the Policy Research Collaborative blog.

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