RU Student Teams Tackle Campus Sustainability Projects in ACP/SUST 250 this Spring

Roosevelt’s Wabash Building (background) and Auditorium Building (foreground); source: Roosevelt University

This semester at Roosevelt in ACP/SUST 250 The Sustainability University, 39 undergraduate students are embarking on a new adventure to learn about the university and sustainability. Sophomores and seniors, economics and IMC majors — in short, students of all stripes and persuasions — are working together to create a “greener” environment here on campus.

Roosevelt University sits on a strong and solid foundation when it comes to being environmentally conscious and sustainable, as demonstrated last year when RU earned a bronze rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. The goal for the class is to collectively help the University work toward and achieve the sustainability goals that were established in its Strategic Sustainability Plan in 2015.

The class was divided in small groups in order to maximize each individual’s different strengths and build upon his/her interests. Each group is working on practical, measurable, and engaging projects to help accelerate the sustainability efforts of the school! The teams’ focus areas include:

Beverage Container Policy
Energy Conservation
Fair Trade Certification
Recycling and Composting
Student Orientation
Sustainability Living and Learning Community
Water Conservation
Wabash Building Rooftop Garden

Finally, to better get acquainted with sustainability and its meaning in the urban environment, the whole class spent a few hours in the Gage Gallery observing the work of the photographer, Brad Temkin, whose exhibit is entitled Rooftop: Second Nature. Temkin photographed multiple green roofs in different urban environments, a project which inspires conversation about how art and sustainability can go hand in hand. This project was, for all the teams, great inspiration. Stay tuned to learn more about the projects the different teams are coming up with!

Rooftops opening reception at The Gage Gallery on Vimeo.

Text by Kyria Fortina of the SUST 250 Communications team. Edited by Yasmeen Lipprand, 250 Peer Instructor.

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