Our World Underwater Dive & Travel Expo this Weekend in Rosemont, Feb. 24-26

Michele H-F filming underwater

SUST prof Michele Hoffman Trotter in her natural element: filming underwater!

Looking for a fun and exciting way to spend the weekend? Head on down to the annual Our World Underwater: Dive and Travel Exposition, which runs from Feb. 24-26 at the Donald Stephens Center in Rosemont, IL.

On February 25th, SUST prof Michele Hoffman Trotter will be presenting a short film entitled Mysteries of the Arctic Realm. The film will feature clips from the remote Chuckchi Sea, a dynamic region exploding with life from iconic polar bears to the elusive ribbon seal. Under the ice, a hidden universe is revealed, one that is brimming with jellies, zooplankton, and many surprising discoveries that you won’t want to miss.

Michele Hoffman Trotter, alongside her colleague Annie Crawley, will also be on hand during the expo to give demonstrations and to help kids of all ages learn about the underwater world. Join them and get the chance to explore shark jaws, look at specimens collected in the Arctic, create sea life origami, or make ocean themed cupcakes. This year, Annie and Michele will be joined by their friends from The Grove National Historic Landmark, who will provide a live animal experience and educate visitors about Illinois local waterways.

ourworldunderwater2017Get your tickets today and bring your family, friends, casual acquaintances, frenemies, and everyone else down to the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont for the Our World Underwater: Dive and Travel Exposition. The exposition runs from Feb. 24th to the 26th starting at 5pm on Friday and 10am on Saturday & Sunday. Get your tickets here. 


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