2016 Water-Energy-Climate Symposium at Northwestern Univ. on Oct. 13

Calling all sustainability enthusiasts and those interested in learning more about the water-energy-climate nexus! Northwestern University will be hosting a Water and Energy Symposium that is free and open to the public on October 13, 2016. The symposium offers an interdisciplinary approach that tackles a wide variety of issues that pertain to Sustainability.

The symposium will address issues that answer questions such as: How can we continue to meet our essential water and energy needs? How can we ensure safe and reliable source provision to cities while protecting citizens from adverse impacts, such as flooding? How can we simultaneously increase efficiency and resilience of energy and water use? And how can local communities and governments best work together to solve these challenges?


Source: northwestern.edu

Some of the featured speakers and events at the symposium include:

Mike Quigley PhD, Congressman of the Illinois 5th Congressional District and Alumni of Roosevelt University, will be featured as a Keynote Speaker. His event is titled: Against the Tide-Climate Action in the Face of Climate Denial.  Mike has been involved in Sustainability issues since he was 16 when he joined the Sierra Club. He continues to push for strong environmental policies that address climate change and protect our natural resources. The Chicago Reader has named him “the greenest elected official in Chicago.”

Joe Ryan PhD, professor at University of Colorado’s Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, will be speaking about Fracking Opportunities and Questions. He has been teaching and doing research at University of Colorado since 1993 and his research focuses on the role of colloids and surfaces on the fat and transport of contaminants in natural waters.

Drew Gronewold PhD, research scientist at NOAA’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan, will be discussing Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region. His research focuses on water quantity and quality of hydrologic systems, with an emphasis on how uncertainty in monitoring platforms and hydrometerological data propagate into risk-based water resource management decisions.

A more detailed listing of the events can be found on the event’s program page. For those that are interested in attending, registration is free and will be held at Northwestern’s Norris University Center.

Contact Susan E. Black, Coordinator, Northwestern Center for Water Research (water@northwestern.edu or 847.467.9287), for more information.


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