This Summer at RU: Explore the Sustainable Future in SUST 210 Online

Earth in HandsHey, RU students! Want to earn three credits this summer without missing your vacation? Then take SUST 210 The Sustainable Future online this summer (May 31 – Aug 15).

This fully online course inspires us to think about sustainability in a complex way that bridges the social and natural sciences.  If the planet and its inhabitants are our patients, we need as much information as we can gather in order to properly diagnose the ailment(s).  We also need a robust understanding of what’s wrong in order to offer a prescription for our patient needs to do.  In this course we will think about what’s going wrong as well as our options for collective change.

If we think about sustainability in this complex, rather than simple way, it clearly becomes more than a project to insulate our windows, buy organic food, and ride our bikes (even though these things are pretty cool).  Instead, sustainability becomes a project of figuring out how to help people live better – as it turns out, less war, less poverty, and more democracy is good for the planet and for people.   The scope of the course focuses mostly on the U.S. (especially Chicago) but draws examples from around the world.

Highlights of SUST 210 The Sustainable Future:

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