Chicago Transit Authority to Purchase 20-30 New All-Electric Buses

(photo: Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune)

(photo: Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune)

The Chicago Transit Authority found its first two all-electric buses delivered impressive results, and plans to purchase 20-30 additional all-electric buses in the next several years.

The electric-propulsion buses are designed to provide a cleaner, quieter ride that reduces fuel costs and significantly decreases emissions, improving air quality for customers and the general public.

The buses are part of a larger modernization effort spearheaded by Mayor Emanuel. Since 2011, the CTA has added more than 2,000 new rail cars, new buses and overhauled buses to make them “like new”, providing Chicagoans with the newest rail and bus fleet in a generation.

Reprinted from the Chicago Sustainability News email bulletin of 4 Feb 2016.
Click here to learn more about the CTA’s all-electric bus plans.

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