City of Chicago Releases “Sustainable Chicago Action Agenda 2012-2015 Highlights and Look Ahead”

sustainable chicago 2012-15 imageTake a look inside the Sustainable Chicago Action Agenda 2012-2015 Highlights and Look Ahead, an easy-to-read summarization of Chicago’s progress thus far in the City’s commitment to a sustainable future.

Recent achievements such as passing the Energy Benchmarking ordinance, joining the global Compact of Mayors, as well as receiving high rankings in environmental governance policies and city bike-ability, just to name a few, are amongst the many strides the City has taken in emerging as a leader amongst sustainable U.S. cities.

Listed alongside these highlights are the City’s plans for the foreseeable future, in expanding upon the advancements that have already been made across the agenda’s 7 themes of sustainability.

From the City of Chicago website:

“A sustainable Chicago is a city that spends less on energy use with each passing year, creates good-paying jobs in up-and-coming industries, responsibly maintains and upgrades its infrastructure, and ensures every Chicagoan has the opportunity to live a healthy and active lifestyle.” – Mayor Emanuel

The Sustainable Chicago Action Agenda represents Mayor Emanuel’s vision to make our city more livable, competitive, and sustainable.  The plan, which launched in 2012, outlines 7 themes, 24 goals, and 100 concrete actions that comprise a clear commitment to leadership, partnership, and positive impact. The plan also offers a roadmap for how residents and businesses can contribute to Chicago’s ambitious sustainability goals.

Sustainable Chicago’s 7 themes are mutually-reinforcing, with success in one area supporting many other related efforts:

  1. Economic Development and Job Creation
  2. Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy
  3. Transportation Options
  4. Water and Wastewater
  5. Parks, Open Space and Healthy Food
  6. Waste and Recycling
  7. Climate Change
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