Great Rivers Chicago: Public Input Wanted

Do you like to fish in the Chicago River? Take canoe trips on the Fox or Des Plaines? Enjoy a waterborne architectural tour in Chicago’s Loop? Stroll along the banks of Salt Creek? Spotted the abundant wildlife throughout the Calumet River watershed?

Photo: Great Chicago Rivers

Photo: Great Chicago Rivers

Water lovers in the city and suburbs and friends of the region’s streams, creeks, rivers, and canals can provide much-needed input on the present state and future prospects of Chicago’s rivers as part of the Great Rivers Chicago project. Attend an upcoming open house or focus group, or submit ideas online. This is a collaborative effort by the Metropolitan Planning Council, Friends of the Chicago River, and the City of Chicago.

From the Great Rivers Chicago website:

From spring 2015 to summer 2016, the City of Chicago and Metropolitan Planning Council, in partnership with Friends of the Chicago River and many others, are embarking on a process to reimagine our city’s Calumet, Chicago and Des Plaines rivers and riverfronts. From improved shipping to water quality to dining options, we’re scouring existing plans and reaching out to business owners, community leaders and people just like you to create a coordinated vision for our rivers’ future.

Based on conversations we’ve had and research to date, we offer six draft principles for what our rivers should provide by 2040:


vibrant, diverse destinations and corridors that showcase development and conservation throughout all corners of the city


efficient, safe, balanced and managed movement of goods, people and wildlife


compatible, mutually supporting industrial, natural, residential, commercial and recreational uses that are transparently and cohesively coordinated and are well managed by all relevant parties


integral, active and engaging part of a broader interconnected regional landscape of parks, preserves, trails, lakes communities and jobs


improved quality of life and resiliency of people, wildlife and businesses through high-quality water management, habitat restoration and the provision of active lifestyle opportunities


signature element of Chicago’s global brand

Comments? Let Great Rivers Chicago know your thoughts by contacting MPC Director Josh Ellis at or MPC Manager Kara Riggio at

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