Water, Sustainability, and the City

Roosevelt University Green Campus

Most of us think that since we live by some of the world’s largest bodies of fresh water, The Great Lakes, there must be no way we’re running out of it in the United States. Contrary to that belief, the Western region’s water resources have been on the verge of depletion for the past decade or so, and are continuing to disappear at a startling rate. And soon, it won’t just be that region’s fresh water that is in trouble.

Last week on Tuesday, September 29, Roosevelt University’s Sustainability Studies Program and Physical Resources Department hosted a lecture by RU alumnus Damon Williams. Graduating from RU with his BS degree in Physics, Mr. Williams is an experienced and successful civil engineer with a focus on water and wastewater management. He is also on the management team at DSW Water Strategies located in Arizona.

As we all know, California is suffering…

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