Roosevelt’s 2015 Bike2Campus Winners

One of the key events of Earth Week at Roosevelt this past April was Bike2Campus, a multi-university effort to promote cycling in Chicago. All students, faculty, and staff were encouraged to participate by biking to campus — whether directly or to a public transit commuting location — and documenting their rides on the Bike2Campus website. Roosevelt’s Chicago Campus in the Loop is a prime location for bike and transit access, and its Schaumburg Campus is part of that Village’s extensive network of bike paths/lanes. The purpose of this now-annual event is two-fold: to promote sustainable, active transit; and to have fun.

This year’s Bike2Campus RU winners received nice bike accessory prizes for their efforts, courtesy of the Physical Resources Department. The SUST Program salutes your participation, and thanks all who participated in this year’s competition!

Diana Zak Bike2Campus 1st Place RU 2015

First-place winner Diana Zak works as Assistant to the Chair of Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences, and is majoring in Sustainability Studies. Diana commutes 8 miles daily (round trip) to RU’s Chicago Campus, and often stops at the grocery store on the way home, so her rides do double-duty. Way to go, Diana! You definitely set the standard here at Roosevelt.

Steven Monserud Bike2Campus 2nd Place RU 2015

Second-place winner Steven Monserud is Director for Accounting and Reporting at RU’s Chicago Campus. As of this posting, we don’t know Steven’s daily mileage for his ride to Roosevelt — but we’ll find out. Congratulations, Steven, and thanks for your participation in Bike2Campus week!

Mike Bryson Bike2Campus 3rd Place RU 2015

Third-place winner Mike Bryson is Professor of Humanities and Director of the Sustainability Studies program at RU. During Bike2Campus week he rode from his house in Joliet to the Rock Island Metra Station (2 miles one way) on 3 days, thus combining a short bike ride with a train commute to RU’s Chicago Campus. He rides his bike to the train year-round, whenever weather allows.

Chicago’s campus winners of the Bike2Campus competition in 2015 were, in order, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Northwestern University, and Dominican University. We salute all who participated in the spirit of promoting active transit in Chicago.


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