SUST Program at RU Featured in New Book about College Majors

Morkes - They Teach That in College? 3rd edThe Sustainability Studies undergraduate program at Roosevelt is prominently featured in a new book by Andrew Morkes entitled They Teach That in College!? A Resource Guide to More Than 100 Interesting College Majors (3rd edition, College & Career Press). Included in this wide-ranging list of majors are four sustainability-related degrees:

  • Sustainability and the Built Environment
  • Sustainability Studies (that’s us, along with 12 other universities in the US, many of which are highly prestigious)
  • Sustainable Agriculture / Organic Farming
  • Sustainable Business

The chapter on Sustainability Studies features a three-page Q/A interview with RU professor Mike Bryson, Director and Co-founder of the SUST Program, which began in 2010 and is now in its 5th year, with 38 graduates since Fall 2011 and 49 current majors. In it, Bryson defines the field, provides an overview of Roosevelt’s SUST program, describes the students and their varying career aspirations, and discusses the employment outlook for sustainability-related majors. Besides being excellent PR for Roosevelt, the book’s substantial profiling of the above sustainability-related degrees further illustrates the emergence of sustainability as a multifaceted academic discipline (or perhaps, interdiscipline) in higher education today.

What Reviewers Are Saying:

Library Bookwatch, February 2015
“They Teach That in College!? showcases more than 100 intriguing, unorthodox, and lesser-known college majors, such as Culinology, Expeditionary Studies, Music Therapy, Renewable Energy, and Zoo Science. Each major is spotlighted with an overview, contact information of colleges and universities that offer these majors, lists of typical classes and employers, and more. Over 60 interviews with college professors round out this exceptional and inspirational guide for surveying the possibilities of one’s future.

Voice of Youth Advocates
They Teach That in College?! was selected as A Perfect Ten by the library journal Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA). The book, along with 10 other winners, was chosen from a total of 1,223 books reviewed by VOYA as earning the highest ratings for literary quality and teen appeal.

Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch
“They Teach That in College!?: A Resource Guide to More Than 95 Interesting College Majors is just what the title says–an introspective on interesting, strange, and fully legitimate college majors that could lead readers into brand-new and interesting careers. The second edition of this title adds 40 new majors, including course listings, potential employer information, interviews, and so much more. They Teach That in College!? is highly recommended for community library collections on careers, and for anyone who is looking for a new job and wants something outside the usual.”

Independent Publisher Online
They Teach That in College!? was selected as a Highlighted Title, for “exhibiting a superior level of creativity, originality, and a high standard of design and production quality.”

The Futurist
They Teach That in College!? was listed as a New and Noteworthy Title in the magazine’s Bookshelf section. It was also referenced as source material in an article in the magazine titled, “Majoring in the Unusual: Out of the Box College Programs for Generation X.”

Career Opportunities News
“A fascinating book which describes colleges with interesting majors, most attuned to a career field. …Reviewing the list of college programs and their career implications could suggest some interesting options for students who are not sure of their goals in life.”

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