SUST Alumni Guest Post: Cheryl Roberts (BPS ’14) Reflects on Her RU Experience and New Position at GE

Cheryl Green (BPS '14)

Cheryl Roberts (BPS ’14)

This alumni guest post is by Ms. Cheryl A. Roberts (formerly Cheryl Green), a Sustainability Studies major and returning adult student who graduated in 2014 and now works at General Electric. Here Cheryl reflects on her undergrad education at Roosevelt and discusses her current job responsibilities with GE Energy Management.

The Sustainability Studies program was new to me in 2010, when I started back at Roosevelt with the intention of finishing my bachelor’s degree. With a long career as an operations manager and various administrative roles in corporate finance and investment banking, I initially wanted to pursue studies in finance. But after hearing about the SUST program, and given my personal interest in energy consumption and environmental management, I decided to change my major.

After graduating in May of 2014 with a BPS in Sustainability Studies, I pursued opportunities in the “green” field. Three months later, I was hired as a Project Specialist at GE Energy Management’s Digital Energy Division, within their Power Delivery group. In my role at GE, I am responsible for managing the office operations for engineers, project managers, and designers who design and manage smart grids that provide sustainable technology solutions that modernize and optimize how we generate, move, and consume energy. My primary responsibility is to work with project management teams and systems engineers to manage these complex engineering systems and develop processes that measure the efficiency and coordination of internal controls.

Obtaining a degree in sustainability at Roosevelt and using my previous experience in operations management have played an essential role in my career development. My current job is an amazing opportunity to work with people who provide sustainable solutions in energy consumption. This spring, I will be visiting a wind farm in order to understand how we provide smart grid solutions to integrate renewables and optimize power generation.

Opportunities are wide-ranging in the field of sustainability and I am very happy to have been a student in the SUST program at Roosevelt. The classes offered were very challenging and the learning experience was gratifying. I encourage current students to continue on this path and prospective students to become a part of this program, where you learn about the sustainable future and how to become a part of an environmentally changing world, one where you can make a difference.

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