Brave RU Grad Assistant Enters Dumpster to Reclaim Office Waste, Strikes Heroic Pose

A guest post by Dr. Vince Cyboran, Associate Professor of Training and Development, College of Professional Studies

Eric Hahn in Prof. Cyboran's dumpster

Eric Hahn in Prof. Cyboran’s dumpster

Though hardly a hoarder, I had accumulated quite a bit of materials in my 10 years as a professor here at Roosevelt University: research journals, student papers, conference materials, memos, etc. And while it was not quite spring, I decided it was time for a cleaning; the clutter had to go. So I ordered a dumpster for the de-cluttering.

I was being efficient and selfish, and had almost filled that dumpster with old materials from my office when my GA, Eric Hahn, politely shamed me, offering to personally recycle things, even stripping off the binding from materials. Here he is inside the now almost-empty dumpster. On the floor, you can see some of the paper and other materials that will now not end up in a landfill.

A special shout-out goes to Professor Mike Bryson—Director of The Sustainability Studies Program here at RU—who readily answered Eric’s questions about recycling particular types of materials.

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