Summer NSF Fellowships: Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

SUST majors who have had some biology/environmental science classes are in a good position to apply for a Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) summer fellowships, offered through generous funding by the National Science Foundation. These fellowships are excellent opportunities to work directly with scientific researchers on lab- and field-based topics, gain hands-on research experience, and network with fellow undergrads from other schools. Plus they’re well compensated with a fellowship stipend of several thousand dollars. (Yes — you read that correctly.)

Here in the Chicago region there are several notable REU programs that offer multiple paid fellowships, including those at the Field Museum of Natural History, the School of Freshwater Sciences at the University of WI Milwaukee, and the Center for Ecology at Southern IL University in downstate Carbondale.

Further afield, check out these opportunities at the University of Vermont’s Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Lab summer research fellowship opportunity entitled “Interdisciplinary Research on Human Impacts in the Lake Champlain Ecosystem,” from May 31 to August 7, 2015 (deadline: Feb. 13th); and the opportunities at the University of Michigan Biological Station (2015 deadline: Feb. 2nd) and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (2015 deadline: Feb. 15th). Both are phenomenal places to spend a summer doing field-based research!

Interested applicants should also check out the NSF’s REU Students website for access to dozens of fellowships opportunities across across the US.

Check individual program sites for 2015 application materials and deadlines,
which are usually in February or March.

In summer 2012, recent SUST grad Allison Breeding (BA ’13) won a fellowship at SIU’s Center for Ecology and studied agroecology in beautiful Southern Illinois; she blogged about her experiences here and presented an overview of her research at the October 2013 Sustainability Studies Student Symposium.

Want to learn more? Check out the links above! And remember: you can’t get one of these awesome fellowships unless you apply . . .

Allison Breeding working with soil samples in the lab at SIU during her summer research fellowship in 2013

Allison Breeding working with soil samples in the lab at SIU during her summer research fellowship in 2013

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