Yonah Freemark, SUST faculty, on High-Speed Rail

Eurostar High Speed Rail trainsYonah Freemark, who is teaching SUST 320, Sprawl, Transportation, and Planning this Fall, recently published an important opinion piece on the failure of political will in the U.S. to build more High-Speed Rail. Freemark explains the federal government’s unwillingness to prioritize, and how other countries have successfully modernized their rail systems.  He argues the U.S. has the skill and resources – we built the Interstate Highway System, in the1950s, after all – but High-Speed rail takes leadership at the federal level that is sorely lacking.

The piece appeared in CityLab, the influential media outlet run by The Atlantic magazine on all things urban.  (I highly recommend subscribing for free at the bottom of this page).

Yonah FreemarkFreemark has published numerous pieces in CityLab as well as on his own highly-regarded website, The Transport Politic.  His work has also appeared in The New York Times.  And you can follow him on Twitter.  He currently works in Chicago for the Metropolitan Planning Council, the city’s oldest think-tank and advocacy group for better urbanism.  He comes to Chicago from Yale and MIT, where he earned a Masters of Science in Transportation and a Masters of City Planning. 

Congratulations to Professor Freemark on his important contributions to the national dialogue on high-speed rail and many other planning subjects.  We are fortunate to have him teaching in our Sustainability Studies Program at Roosevelt!

Brad Hunt, Dean, Evelyn T. Stone College of Professional Studies

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