Microcosm Heads to the San Juan Islands in Washington State

This summer the adventure into the microscopic universe with the ocean continues as SUST Adjunct Professor of Sustainability Studies Michele Hoffman Trotter and crew hit the road to pursue more interviews and information for her upcoming documentary Microcosm.  Michele and her team have headed to the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Lab in the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington State.

Hoffman portraitWhile there, Michele (pictured at right) will interview leading researchers studying the impacts of ocean acidification, evolutionary biology, and food web interactions as it relates to the base of the food web. In addition, she will visit a local shellfish farm to film the very sustainably grown oysters and clams feeding on the microcosm as they naturally filter the waters of the Puget Sound (she plans to bring Tabasco sauce).

A trip to the San Juan Islands would not be complete without an attempt to see the endangered killer whales, so Michele and crew plan to voyage out for three days by kayak in the hopes of a life altering encounter. Be sure to follow the Microcosm travel blog here!

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