Chicago Named 2014 Earth Hour Capital of the US

On March 15th, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that Chicago has been named the 2014 Earth Hour Capital of the United States by the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Earth Hour City Challenge, a year-long competition among cities to promote renewable energy and prepare for climate change. Cities that participate are recognized for their efforts in creating more sustainable, resilient cities, and compete for the title of U.S. Earth Hour Capital as well as grants from WWF.

“Building on a legacy of innovation and action, I am proud that Chicago and its residents are being recognized for their national leadership in sustainability and environmental issues,” said Mayor Emanuel. “Fostering economic opportunity and job creation ensures Chicago’s long-term livability and competitiveness. We all have a stake in our climate and the world we will leave for future generations.”

For more information about Earth Hour City Challange, visit You can also follow Earth Hour Illinois on Facebook at or on twitter: @EarthHourIL.

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