RU Reforesting Raising Funds for 2014 Conservation Expedition to Tanzania

RU Reforesting is a group of Roosevelt students who need your help in their upcoming effort to improve environmental conditions in eastern Africa. You can help them fund-raise without paying a penny!

RU students and faculty in Tanzania, May 2013 (Photo: N. Burns)

RU students and faculty in Tanzania, May 2013. SUST majors Nicole Burns (BA ’13) and Josh Campbell (BA ’13) were part of the research and conservation team.
(Photo: N. Burns)

Students in Dr. Norbert Cordiero’s BIO 369 Conservation Biology class will travel in May 2014 to Tanzania to work with local communities in the East Usambara Mountains. They will lend a hand in reforesting abandoned agricultural land. Some of the trees they will plant will include cash crop trees like cloves and cinnamon, which will be donated to local families and ultimately help support the future education of their children. For the initiative, RU Reforesting is partnering with a Tanzanian-led project whose goal is to alleviate environmental degradation and poverty in an area with very unique animals and plants. Found in localized areas of the world, the East Usambara Mountains are comparable to the Galapagos Islands, except for the fact that a culturally diverse human population is partially permitted to use forest resources.

You can support this work without much effort or spending simply by visiting Fundinco Solution before you shop online at

To get started, click on the link above; select the group’s parent organization, which is Rain Forest Conservation Fund; and then click on the Amazon link to do your shopping. For every dollar spent at Amazon, RU Reforesting will receive a percentage that will be put toward the group’s efforts to make a difference in reforesting.

For more information, contact RU Reforesting at and/or get in touch with Dr. Norbert Cordeiro, Associate Professor of Biology, at

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