Still Time to Comment on the IDNR’s Fracking Regulations Draft

As students and faculty finish out the Fall 2013 semester and we move earnestly into the holiday season of rest and rejuvenation (hopefully!), it’s good to remember that beyond the confines of the classroom, there are still important deadlines for those of us concerned about sustainability here in the Prairie State. One big deadline: Jan 3rd, 2014, the last day the public may submit comments on the proposed regulations for fracking here in Illinois.

The IDNR’s draft rules and regulations for fracking in IL, at 135 pages, is long and complex. How best to wade through this technical document in order to make substantive comments about it during the current review period now underway? More importantly, what are some of the problems with the proposed rules now open to public critique and review?

Readers are certainly encouraged to go directly to the IDNR’s website and submit whatever comments you’d like on the draft document. But here is a handy list of tools and websites designed to make that process quicker and easier.  Please take the time to choose one and make a comment to the IDNR.

For more information on fracking from the SUST at RU blog, click here.

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