EPA Hearing on Carbon Emissions Set for Friday, Nov 8 / Grassroots Climate Rally at Noon

Today, Friday Nov. 8th, marks an EPA Hearing in Chicago on reducing carbon pollution from existing power plants. About 33% of all Greenhouse Gas emissions in the U.S. are attributed to the generation of electricity. As the hearing is in Chicago (at the Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Building, 77 W. Jackson St, 9am-4pm), local students might like to attend part of it and see the regulatory process in action. Spoken comments will be limited to 3 minutes; written comments may also be submitted.

If someone wants to speak at the hearing, they can sign up on the day, or register here. Citizens can find out more about EPA’s regulations of carbon emissions at this EPA site.

Both the coal industry and environmental groups like the Sierra Club and Faith in Place  are organizing supporters to attend the hearing. There is also going to be a Climate Rally tomorrow at noon at the Federal Plaza (50 W. Adams St / Adams and Dearborn).

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