New Kid On The Dashboard

The Schaumburg Sustainable Future Blog Project has a brand new and exciting section featuring the topic of Waste in the Schaumburg area. Waste is a key element in the future of sustaining the planet as the population continues to grow and the types of waste people are developing, such as radioactive waste, pose great danger to the Earth, its creatures, and even ourselves.


Former students of the SUST 210 Sustainable Future spring 2013 online class, taught by Professor Mike Bryson, look more deeply into the problem of waste in their essays by exploring various elements of waste that are crucial to understanding the bigger picture. Students Ahleiah Al-Waraqi, Cinthya Campos, Myressa Garcia, and Monica Thomas all do a great job at explaining their topics, exploring what is not being done and what is being done to find a solution for that particular element of waste, and offering suggestions that could help change the situation for the better.

Check out the Schaumburg Sustainable Future Blog Project today and look along the dashboard for the topic of Waste.


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