Let Me Introduce Myself…

Hello SustStudies@RU readers,

Please pardon my late introduction, my name is Allison Mayes and I will be a new contributor to the blog. I have been a student at Roosevelt University for four years now and am currently finishing up my last semester as an undergrad. Starting out as a journalism major I never imagined myself changing until I took SUST 210 Sustainable Future and knew immediately I needed to change my major to Sustainability Studies. Since then my sarcastic little self has been plaguing SUST classes in person and online for the last three years. As part of an internship for my last semester, Mike Bryson, Associate Professor of Humanities and Sustainability Studies at RU or as I like to say the coolest professor in overalls ever, has asked me to help with the blog and various other social media projects to expand RU’s Sustainability program influence.


I have recently created a twitter account called RU_SUST and plan to make a Pinterest and Tumblr as to reach audiences of all ages with various interests. However, I do want to focus heavily on the WordPress blog as to bring the leading news stories in Sustainability to the attention of readers and inform about local jobs, volunteer opportunities, and exciting events. 

I am very determined to work hard to keep the blog fresh and interesting while also expanding into other social media forms. I am grateful for this opportunity and am excited to work with the other contributors of the site as well as readers to make this blog the best thing on WordPress!

Enjoy the wonderful day everyone!

Allison Mayes

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  1. rusust says:

    Welcome to the SUST at RU blog project, Allison. Glad to have you on board as contributor and assistant editor, and having you lead us into new reaches of cyberspace!

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