SUST Prof Mike Bryson Publishes Article on “Teaching Sustainability 101”

Last fall, SUST professor and program director Mike Bryson participated in a faculty roundtable discussion on teaching introductory sustainability classes at the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) 2012 conference/expo.

aashe10_logoThe discussion brought together five university instructors who have been teaching some version of “Intro to Sustainability” for at least several years. Panelists shared and compared their different approaches to sustainability as an academic discipline, as a practice, and as a set of values. They addressed questions such as, what concepts and ideas are essential? What assignments and activities are effective? What readings and audiovisual materials are engaging? What specific learning outcomes can be achieved? The panel members represented different disciplines, types of institutions, and curricular settings. They assessed what has worked in their different contexts and what they share in common when they introduce students to education about and for sustainability.

Sustainability journal cover 2013AugThis panel discussion had an unusually high attendance and generated considerable interest at the 2012 AASHE conference in Los Angeles — in part reflecting the keen interest of colleges and universities in undergraduate sustainability education. As a result, Bryson and his fellow panelists revised an edited transcript of their conversation into a journal article. We’re glad to report that the article appears this month in the August 2013 issue of Sustainability: The Journal of Record, one of the leading journal publications for sustainability in higher education.

Read the article here in pdf format: “Teaching Sustainability 101: How Do We Structure an Introductory Course?” Note that the SUST student website/blog Schaumburg’s Sustainable Future gets a mention in both the text and the article’s bibliography. Quite likely Prof. Bryson will be re-reading it himself as he works on his SUST 210 Sustainable Future syllabus for this Fall 2013 semester at Roosevelt!


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