Two Great Sources of News about Sustainability/Environmental Issues in Chicago and Illinois

SUST blog readers have read announcements and news items from these two key environmental/sustainability news sources before; but this Sunday morning I thought it apt to bring your attention to them more explicitly as key sources of breaking news information and substantive policy discussion/critique.

Jen Walling of the IL Env Council appears on the Mike Nowak Show in Chicago

Jen Walling of the IL Env Council appears on the Mike Nowak Show in Chicago (that’s Mike on the right)

First, the Chicago-based Mike Nowak Show on WCPT radio in Chicago examines all kinds of environmental sustainability issues, from here in the Chicago region to across the state of Illinois. There really is no equivalent radio outlet for this kind of environmental journalism, with the exception of occasional pieces on WBEZ public radio. Fortunately for readers far and wide, the show’s journalism includes a phenomenally well-written and informative website, which posts detailed previews of each week’s show, links to resources, and a full archive of past shows (text and audio). Nowak himself is not just a talented journalist, writer (see his column for Chicagoland Gardening Magazine), and radio host, but also an accomplished actor, a brilliant humorist, and a phenomenally talented 16-inch softball pitcher.

Second is the work of the Illinois Environmental Council, which tracks environmental news, policy, and pending legislation statewide here in Illinois. Their website/blog is highly informative, and their weekly email bulletins provide detailed and critical updates on legislation that might, at first blush, seem technical and somewhat dull — the legislation, I mean — but those pending bills often have critical repercussions for how we manage our natural resources, deal with waste, protect our water supplies, etc.

Check out both of these resources ASAP, including today’s Mike Nowak Show on WCPT, where the IEC’s Jen Walling will make a guest appearance to talk about recent legislation as well as downstate fracking issues here in the Prairie State.

Bubbly Creek Mike BrysonMike Bryson edits the SUST at RU Blog and has been its primary writer since June 2012. Along with Carl Zimring and Brad Hunt, he co-founded the Sustainability Studies program at Roosevelt during the 2009-2010 academic year. An Associate Professor of Humanities and Sustainability Studies at RU, Bryson’s courses include SUST 210 The Sustainable Future, SUST 220 Water, and SUST 350 Service & Sustainability.



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