RU’s Sustainability Initiative Sports New Website

The Sustainability Initiative at Roosevelt University has just released a newly designed Green Campus website. Designed to highlight the university’s efforts in operations, building design, energy usage, recycling and waste reduction, food sourcing and composting, academics, awards and recognition, and long-term planning, the new website also aims to be interactive and educational for visitors.

As MaryBeth Radeck, one of the architects of the new site, says in her official announcement of its launch on July 29th:

Not only are these web pages created to feature the University’s commitment to Sustainability, the site aims to inform visitors and gain attention from search engines by providing helpful tips on ways to reduce one’s contributions to global climate change. It suggests practical steps that an individual can take which will make a difference. This content will grow over time, be repurposed from blogs in collaboration with RU’s Sustainability Studies program, and will report on the University’s efforts in order to stay fresh.

A page of immediate interest is Learn about Sustainability. It features a one-stop location for a number of respected websites which help visitors find their personal and business carbon and water footprints and recycling calculator. It also seeks to concisely address the question: “What is Sustainability?”

Plaudits for this website upgrade go to Radeck, an undergraduate Sustainability Studies major and an Environmental Sustainability Associate working in RU’s Planning and Operations division, for the content and organization of the site; and to Vickie Bertini, RU’s professional web developer, for much of its format.

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  1. The website look beautiful, congratulations!

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