RU Reforesting Plans Conservation Work in Tanzania this May

This guest post is from Roosevelt University Sustainability Studies major and Environmental Science minor Nicole Burns. Kudos to this student-faculty effort at combining environmental science education with international forest/biodiversity conservation.

Nicole BurnsI am in RU biology professor Norbert Cordeiro’s Conservation Biology Africa 369 class this semester, and a few students and myself have formed a nonprofit organization called RU Reforesting I’d like to tell everyone about!

This May, we are going to be traveling to the East Usambara Mountains in Tanzania, where we will be working with local communities to plant seedlings of both native and cash crop plants to create a  buffer for existing rainforest. We are a university chapter of the Rainforest Conservation Fund (RCF) and will continue working to support this project after we return from the site this year.

Interested in helping? Besides a direct donation, we have a fundinco set up through, which means if you are planning on doing any shopping, Amazon will donate 3% of the profit from your purchases to us, at no extra cost to you :). Penny’s Noodle Shop in Wicker Park is featuring a rainforest-themed cocktail on their menu with a percentage of the profits being donated to us. We also have a booth in the works for RU’s Math & Science Symposium on April 19th, a possible concert in the works, and other exciting things to come.

You can learn more by checking out our website and liking us on facebook!

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