Institute for Cultural Affairs Holds “Accelerate 77” Sustainability Gatherings in Chicago this Spring

Last fall, the Institute for Cultural Affairs hosted the first-ever “Accelerate 77” Share Fair at Truman College on Chicago’s North Side, an event that brought together people and organizations working on all kinds of sustainability initiatives in each of Chicago’s 77 community areas.

This spring, the ICA is following up on the energy and enthusiasm of that fair by convening community meetings on Chicago North, West, and South Sides. These meetings aim to gather community leaders and other interested parties, providing a space for interchange and idea exchanges on how to foster a stronger network within each region and organize for a more sustainable Chicago. Part of the Accelerate 77 Project is to maintain a map of all sustainability initiatives going on in Chicago, something RU students contributed to as part of a SUST 210 Honors community research project in Spring 2012.

The ICA invites citizens interested in advancing sustainability and building collaborative networks to attend gatherings in whichever part of the city they identify most with — but also encourage folks to attend another session to meet others across the city.

West Side Gathering:
Thursday, March 14th  6:00 – 8:30 pm
Garfield Park Conservatory

South Side Gathering II:
Sunday, March 17th  1:00 – 4:00 pm
Morgan Park Farm

North Side Gathering II:
March 2013
Tentatively: Waters Elementary School

South-West Side Gathering:
April 2013
Location TBD

More Details to Come! Stay tuned by checking

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