Climate Change Rally in Grant Park on Sunday (Feb 17)

Climate change is arguably the defining sustainability issue of our time. It impacts the health of people, ecosystems, and communities and threatens future economic prosperity. Despite being the world’s leader in economic prosperity, science, and technical innovation, the US lacks a real, science-driven policy on mitigating climate change.

What:  Forward on Climate rally in Chicago
:  Sunday, Feb. 17th, 11am
Where:  Grant Park, Chicago (Michigan and Congress Avenues)

Forward on ClimateThis Sunday in Chicago, right outside the front door of Roosevelt in historic Grant Park along the city’s lakefront, the Chicago Youth Climate Coalition will host a rally in solidarity with that occurring in Washington, DC, the same day. Find information about the event here at the Forward on Climate Facebook page. As event organizers note,

In Chicago, we will remind President Obama, a former Illinois senator and south side community organizer, of the power of communities committed to justice. Chicagoans will gather in Grant Park to celebrate and display the growth of sustainable communities in our city and reject the authority of governments to destroy the future of our home.

Join students, educators, community organizers, urban agriculturalists, activists, and more in Grant Park at 11am February 17th to show solidarity with protestors in DC. This an an opportunity for us not only to say NO to the Keystone XL Pipeline, but to say YES to moving forward– here we can all learn more and get involved with the incredible progress in Chicago toward a sustainable future.

Regardless of one’s particular political views or positions on flashpoint issues such as the Keystone Pipeline, addressing climate change and advocating for clean energy sources are critical policy initiatives that must be addressed by collective action and citizen involvement.

Mike Bryson
Associate Professor of Humanities & Sustainability Studies

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