RU Community Encouraged To Join AASHE

SUST at RU gladly shares this message to the RU community from the Environmental Sustainability Initiative in the university’s department of Physical Resources. AASHE is a phenomenal resource for faculty, students, and staff! (Prof. Mike Bryson recently gave a presentation on teaching intro to sustainability classes in LA at last fall’s annual AASHE Conference.)

aashe10_logoRoosevelt’s Physical Resources Environmental Sustainability Initiative joined AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education), an organization of colleges and universities that are “working to empower higher education to lead the sustainability transformation.”

Through AASHE, the entire Roosevelt community will enjoy resources, professional development, and support for knowledge about sustainability in areas across the University, “from governance and operations to education and research.” And, since the University is a member, the entire RU community can enjoy a free membership. It is very easy to sign up and find ways to advance your sustainability knowledge and efforts.

Go to and click on “create new account” at the top right on the home page. Fill in the details using your Roosevelt email address. Next, login after receiving a confirmation email from AASHE using the password that they provide. Once you login for the first time using AASHE’s password, you can change your password for security purposes.

Please join the Green movement and help Roosevelt continue its sustainability effort. Roosevelt University’s Physical Resources Environmental Sustainability Initiative supports environmental stewardship by educating the community on energy use: carbon reduction, institution-specific consideration for alternate methods of transportation, food chain management, waste reduction, sustainable design, procurement and packaging of materials.

For more information on sustainability initiatives at Roosevelt, contact Paul Matthews, Assistant Vice President, Campus Planning and Operations, 312-341-3684 or email

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