The Nature of Cities: A Blog about Urban Ecology

We recently came across a most interesting blog, The Nature of Cities, which features in-depth essays on almost every conceivable dimension of urban ecology — from green infrastructure to urban wildlife to water to transportation systems to energy consumption to pollution.

The Nature of Cities

The contributors come from around the globe and represent a wide range of interests and expertise. As the website notes, “all are passionate about urban nature and its importance for people. Urban social-ecology is fundamentally multidisciplinary, and we are a diverse group, including ecologists, sociologists, architects, designers, leaders of NGO’s, city managers, professors, and nature writers. Explore [this] map . . . to see who we are and where we live.”

For writings on urban nature in and around Chicago, also see the new City Creatures blog as well as selected essays by SUST Prof Mike Bryson.




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