Healing Nature: Sustainability and Ethics Symposium at the Chicago Botanic Garden Oct. 16

The Chicago Botanic Garden and the Center for Humans and Nature co-sponsors the third annual Chicago Regional Forum on Ethics and Sustainability at the Chicago Botanic Garden this coming Tuesday, Oct. 16th, from 9am to 4pm. The focus of this year’s symposium — which is open to students, teachers, scholars, activists, professionals, and citizens — is on “Healing Nature.” Last year, RU students and SUST majors Jessie Crow Mermel and Mary Beth Radeck presented research on sustainability challenges for suburban communities at the 2011 symposium.

Chicago Botanic Garden

Here’s a preview of this year’s symposium from the events organizers:

Why is nature critical to human well-being? Why is it important that we contribute to the well-being of nature? A robust body of research from across disciplines—including ecopsychology, city planning, landscape design, evolutionary biology, conservation psychology, and the health professions, among many others—points to the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual benefits of interacting with nature. This research also offers insights into encouraging sustainable behaviors. This year’s Chicago Regional Forum on Ethics and Sustainability . . . brings together local and national experts to present their perspectives on the relationship between nature and personal and social health. Engage in a discussion about how our current knowledge can inform ethical relationships to a particular area, community goals and policies for shared natural areas, and effective conservation strategies.

Funding for students to attend at minimal cost is available in the form of scholarships from the Center for Humans and Nature. For more information, visit the symposium’s website, where you can view program details and register to attend.

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