Great Lakes Bioneers Conference at UIC on Nov. 2-4

The first Chicago Bioneers conference will take place November 2-4, 2012, at the University of Illinois at Chicago. According to the conference organizers, “This event will be very stimulating for anyone who cares about environmental, ethical and social issues and who looks for constructive change.”


Bioneers is national organization, while “Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago (GLBC) is a local, self-organized affiliate partner of the national Bioneers movement. In November we will explore solutions to some of the Chicago’s environmental and socio-economic challenges through interactive workshops, panels, skill shares, and performing arts. Our theme is The Living City, using the body as a metaphor for the critical systems needed to keep Chicago alive, healthy and thriving.”


Look on the Great Lakes Bioneers website for information on the conference schedule of events, registration options, and information of student scholarships for the event.

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