SUST 320 Sprawl, Transportation, & Planning: Fall Course Preview

This page previews SUST 320 Sprawl, Transportation, and Planning (Schaumburg) and SUST 220 Water (Chicago) — both of which are scheduled for Fall 2012 at Roosevelt University. Each of these courses is offered in a hybrid format that combines online interaction with five Saturday class sessions. The Saturday dates for each class are staggered so that students can take both courses without conflict. Each Saturday session runs from 10am to 4pm; many will involve field trips to various sites in the Chicago area.

SUST 320 meeting dates: Sept 15, Sept 29, Oct 13, Nov 3, and Dec 1

Taught by Prof. Brad Hunt, an expert on public housing policy and history as well as urban planning, SUST 320 will use Schaumburg and the NW suburban region (as well as Chicago) as a learning laboratory for understanding the relations between transportation and urban/suburban sprawl; how planning has shaped the urban landscape over time; and how sustainable development-inspired planning can improve transportation systems and mitigate the impacts of sprawl.

SUST 220 meeting dates: Sept 8, Sept 22, Oct 20, Nov 10, and Dec 8

Taught by Prof. Mike Bryson, 220 Water is an interdisciplinary exploration of the natural and human ecology of water, integrating science, policy, and the humanities in the study of aquatic resources and ecosystems. Planned field trips for Fall 2012 include stream sampling of water quality and benthic biota on the Chicago River, a tour of the MWRD’s Stickney Wastewater Treatment Plant (the largest such facility in the world), a canoe trip on the scenic West Fork of the upper North Branch of the Chicago River, and a visit to one or more wetland restorations within the city limits of Chicago. (Also check out the Water in Schaumburg Project completed by the Fall 2011 section of SUST 220 based in Schaumburg.)

For more information on the SUST courses scheduled for Fall 2012, contact Prof. Mike Bryson at or 312-281-3148.

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