Transportation Issues in Schaumburg

The web-based research project/blog Schaumburg’s Sustainable Future was launched in April 2011 as a place for Roosevelt University SUST students to conduct and publish research on a wide range of sustainability issues and challenges relevant to 21st-century suburbia. So far, two groups of SUST 210 Sustainable Future students, as well as one team of SUST 220 Water students, have contributed to the site.

This week, check out the brand-new Transportation section of the website, which features research and writing conducted by several students in Prof. Mike Bryson’s SUST 210 The Sustainable Future online class from Spring 2012 at Roosevelt University. Undergraduate scholars Kevin Eagan, Alexa Pateras, and Bradford Goff explore a wide range of transportation issues relevant to Schaumburg, suburban communities, Chicago, and beyond — including regional transportation planning, potential future projects such as the proposed Blue Line extension, public transportation (including the CTA and Pace systems), and bikeway planning in the Village of Schaumburg.

Proposed bikeway expansion for the Village of Schaumburg, January 2012 (source: Active Transportation Alliance)

In coming weeks, look for more work by spring 2012 SUST 210 online students on key sustainability topics, including energy, green design, parklands, and waste & recycling.

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