CCGT Presents Talk on Greening a Renter’s Lifestyle, Saturday at 10am

Saturday from 10am-noon, the Chicago Center for Green Technology (445 N. Sacramento) presents Laura Murphy, Insolar and Bryan Glosik, Jenny Babcock, and Steve Pincuspy with WRD Environmental discussing “Greening a Renter’s Lifestyle.”

With urban development being one the most impending threats to a sustainable future, it is important that urban dwellers become more conscious about how their lifestyle choices will affect the future of our planet. Taught by current renters themselves, this presentation will give strategies and approaches to reduce a renter’s ecological footprint without stepping on the landlords legal turf. Subjects covered will include energy consumption, composting and gardening, interior decorating, and water conservation.

For more information and to register for this free seminar, contact the Chicago Center for Green Technology at or (312)746-9642.

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