World Water Day Summit: Clean Great Lakes Now

Thursday was the 2012 World Water Day of Service. At Purdue University Calumet, a summit led by George Nnanna, director of the Purdue Water Institute, recommended improvements to the management of the Great Lakes.

Nnanna said Indiana withdraws 10 billion to 20 billion gallons of water from Lake Michigan daily, with industry representing 1.5 billion to 2.7 billion of those gallons. Indiana ranks second behind Louisiana in industrial water use, he said.

“If we apply appropriate technologies, we may become capable of reversing the waste water thereby minimizing the amount of water withdrawn,” Nnanna said.

Scott Ireland, special assistant to the senior adviser to the administrator on the Great Lakes for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 5 Great Lakes National Program office in Chicago, said federal officials have a new approach to Great Lakes issues.

“The days of minimizing harm are over,” Ireland said. “It is time to start proactively cleaning up the Great Lakes … We are actively moving forward.”

Ireland, who has been in his position for a year after working for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, said collaboration with the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative – the largest investment in the Great Lakes in decades – is “refreshing.”

Professor Mike Bryson
has made water a central aspect of his teaching at Roosevelt University, devoting assignments, field trips, and entire courses to the role of water in the Chicago area. Today from 2-6pm, he and several Roosevelt University undergraduates are participating in World Water Day of Service in the main hallway of the Schaumburg campus. This fall, he offers SUST 220 Water as a hybrid course meeting several Saturdays and online, with select field trips. If you are interested in taking this or any of our courses this summer or fall, please contact your RU academic advisor for registration details. If you are not currently a Roosevelt University student, we encourage you to investigate our degree options, and our course listings. For more information, please visit our Sustainability Studies website, call 1-877-277-5978 (1-877-APPLY RU) or email

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