Today Is International World Water Day

Today is the 2012 World Water Day of Service.

On March 22, the United Nations marks International World Water Day, a day to celebrate freshwater and recognize its impact in our lives. Each year, the UN focuses on a different water theme, and this year we will be exploring the significance of water and food security. The link between water and food is clear: drought is the most common cause of food shortages in developing countries. As an agricultural state, we must also be aware of the impact of water on food and crop production at the local level. For example, it takes fifteen thousand liters of water to produce just one kilogram of beef! Due to climate change, increased food costs, and growing competition over access to fresh water, issues related to water and food security are more pressing than ever.

Professor Mike Bryson
has made water a central aspect of his teaching at Roosevelt University, devoting assignments, field trips, and entire courses to the role of water in the Chicago area. Today from 2-6pm, he and several Roosevelt University undergraduates are participating in World Water Day of Service in the main hallway of the Schaumburg campus. This fall, he offers SUST 220 Water as a hybrid course meeting several Saturdays and online, with select field trips. If you are interested in taking this or any of our courses this summer or fall, please contact your RU academic advisor for registration details. If you are not currently a Roosevelt University student, we encourage you to investigate our degree options, and our course listings. For more information, please visit our Sustainability Studies website, call 1-877-277-5978 (1-877-APPLY RU) or email

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