Chicago Center for Green Technology Hosts STAR Energy Home Discussion Tomorrow at 6pm

Tuesday at 6pm, the Chicago Center for Green Technology (445 N. Sacramento) hosts Corbett Lunsford (Green Dream Group) providing an introduction to STAR Energy homes.

Last year, one out of four homes built was labeled ENERGY STAR. If you’re not building high performance, you’re getting left behind! Get the right answers to your questions about this mainstream high performance building BEFORE the hard questions get asked by your clients or your neighbors. Learn what it will take to make your next project an ENERGY STAR Home: 1.) Understand the major components of the ENERGY STAR Home Certification; 2.) Gain from the benefits of the rating, inspection, and testing process; 3.) Forestall any mistakes in future projects, and get credit for what you’re already doing; and 4.) Learn to market this certification.

To register or find out more information about this free seminar, visit the CCGT site

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