Greencorps Helps Chicagoans & Their Environments

The City of Chicago has several programs and institutions that aid the local environment. Some, like the Chicago Center for Green Technology, offer courses. Some, like the Hazardous Household Waste Dropoff Center on Goose Island, provide residents with ways of minimizing environmental dangers.

Greencorps is a program that benefits both the local environment and residents in need. Recently, the Tribune profiled the program.

For 18 years, Greencorps has provided career training in environmental-related fields to men and women who struggle to find employment, many because of criminal records….

Greencorps participants are trained in landscaping; tree care; home energy efficiency and weatherization; electronics recycling; and ecological restoration. Training is done in the field, at community gardens, parks, forest preserves and homes.

“The trainees who graduate today have truly left a mark on the city, and leave our program knowing that they made real and lasting contributions to Chicago’s environment,” said Gabe Klein, commissioner of Chicago’s Department of Transportation.

Ronald McBeath, 39, who spent three years in prison on drug charges, graduated from Greencorps in 2010 and is now a home energy and efficiency training supervisor for the program.

“It was a beautiful thing to come in contact with Greencorps,” he said.

For more information about Greencorps, visit the City’s official page for the program.

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