All-Ages Green Drinks Discussion of Sustainability Careers Tuesday Evening

Foresite Design’s Green Drinks series continues Tuesday evening with an opportunity for students to learn more about careers in sustainability.

Google opens the doors of its Chicago office to Green Drinks for a panel discussion featuring inspiring stories of people intersecting their passion with their careers to create social impact in new and interesting ways.

At this special all-ages Green Drinks (only soft drinks available tonight), hear the stories of three individuals who have used creativity and determination to acquire some of the most desirable, meaningful careers. Leave with their secrets to success in order to better inform your own journey.

Of interest to students and established professionals alike, the conversation will be wide ranging and inspiring to anyone hoping to create a more vibrant and resilient future through work in the non-profit or for-profit sectors.


Amanda Medress, CSR & Sustainability
Amanda works alongside Fortune 500 companies to create, implement, and communicate sustainability strategies on issues including supply chain, environmental target setting, and employee engagement. Prior to Edelman, Amanda worked for the Foresight Design Initiative. As a graduate of Oberlin College’s Environmental Studies and Creative Writing programs, Amanda co-founded the Student Experiment in Ecological Design, the first house in America to monitor its carbon footprint in real time. Additionally, Amanda has authored and illustrated an environmental children’s book, Quaid McQueen, Trash Machine, and is a certified conflict resolution practitioner. She is board co-chair for the Chicago chapter of Roosevelt Institute Pipeline.

Lisa Nigro, Founder & Co-Chair
The Inspiration Corporation
The Inspiration Corporation is a Chicago-based nonprofit that helps people who are affected by homelessness and poverty to improve their lives and increase self-sufficiency.  Lisa recently launched a new non profit named Transform U which will be helping individuals with cognitive disabilities to become certified peer personal trainers.

Chuck Templeton, Co-Founder
Founder of Opentable and OhSoWe, chairman at GrubHub, partner at Menuism

5:30-6:45pm – Socializing/Networking
6:45-7:45pm – Panel Discussion
7:45-8:30pm – Socializing/Networking

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