Illinois Products Recycling and Reuse Act Expands List of Covered Electronics

If the presents under your Christmas tree involve replacements for old electronic devices, make sure you don’t throw the old ones in the trash. Not only does that increase hazards in landfills, it will run afoul of state law. In November, the Illinois legislature amended the Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act (SB2313) to expand the list of electronic devices banned from Illinois landfills effective January 1. It will be illegal to dump video game consoles, portable digital music players, computer tablets, TVs, computers & other devices in the trash.

Illinois Governor Quinn recently signed legislation that makes extensive changes to the Illinois Products Recycling and Reuse Act that will take effect for calendar year 2012. This legislation expands the number of covered electronic products in Illinois from four to seventeen. For calendar year 2012 all manufacturers of the new list of covered electronic products must now register with the Illinois EPA and meet an annual recycling goal.

Computers (including tablet computers)
Electronic Keyboards
Facsimile Machines
Videocassette Recorders
Portable Digital Music Players
Digital Video Disc Players
Video Game Consoles
Small Scale Servers
Electronic Mice
Digital Converter Boxes
Cable Receivers
Satellite Receivers
Digital Video Disc Recorders

The new amendment also eliminates the “return share” portions of the annual manufacturer goal calculating procedures and replaces it with a system based solely on retail sales. Starting in 2012 all manufacturers of covered electronic devices will be responsible for collecting and refurbishing or recycling a percentage of the weight of products they sold in Illinois two years prior to the program year. All manufacturers must report the total weight of all covered electronic devices sold under each of the manufacturer’s brand names. For calendar year 2012 40% of the weight of items that each manufacturer sold at retail in Illinois during calendar year 2010 must be recycled.

Other changes to the law include;

Defines “underserved counties” as those counties with a population density of 190 persons or less per square mile;

Allows the Illinois EPA to issue grants up to $2000 to counties for the purpose of informing residents about the legislation; and

Lowers the registration fee to $1,250 for manufacturers that sell fewer than 250 units in Illinois.

Manufacturers, Recyclers, and Collectors should monitor these web pages closely for mandated recycling goals, changes to registration and reporting forms, reporting dates, etc.

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