CCGT Presents Talk on Ecology of Design Tomorrow at 10am

Tomorrow at 10am, the Chicago Center for Green Technology (445 N. Sacramento) presents Michael Iversen of the University of Illinois at Chicago speaking on “Ecology of Design.”

Part I of a two-part series, is based on the conceptualization of urbanized areas as complex dynamical ecosystems, which are being stressed from the convergence of urbanization, fossil-fuel energy depletion, and climate change. Using an ecosystem-based approach, design is re-interpreted as the intentional shaping of energy, material, information and monetary flows that act as inputs and outputs of an urbanized ecosystem. The inventory and analysis of these system flows may then serve as the basis for informed design decisions and policymaking. This seminar is required for people seeking a Green Tech U certificate.

For more information, contact the Chicago Center for Green Technology at or (312)746-9642.

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