CCGT Presents Talk on the Essentials of Green Building Tomorrow at 6pm

Tomorrow at 6pm, the Chicago Center for Green Technology (445 N. Sacramento) presents Richard Mazzuca and Gary Keclik of Sustainable Environments by Design speaking on “Essentials of Green Building: Part I – Learning from Nature and Our Mistakes”

Over the last half century the global community of scientists has shed light on humanity’s role in many environmental tragedies. Our collective response and methodologies have led to a series of restorative practices – some better than others. Using nature as a model, this seminar will focus on the parallels between systems occuring in nature and the rise of green building in order to demonstrate a set of principles that can carry us forward in successful harmony with the environment. The practical foundations of green building will also be explored.

For more information, contact the Chicago Center for Green Technology at or (312)746-9642.

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