Poll: Chicagoans Want Fisk, Crawford Power Plants Closed

As concern over the effects of electricity generated from burning coal intensifies, public support for closing two Chicago power plants is strong.

Chicagoans favor closing the Southwest Side’s Fisk and Crawford power plants, even if it means the loss of a couple of hundred jobs, according to a new poll commissioned by a coalition of neighborhood and environmental groups.

The survey found that 72% of Chicagoans surveyed would support the city enacting air pollution laws that are tougher than those imposed by the state and federal governments.

When told that such a step could result in the shutdown of the two coal-fired plants — but also told that the plant emissions may be a public-health danger — 64% said they still support stronger laws, with 27% against and 10% undecided.

The survey by Fako & Associates Inc. of 600 registered Chicago voters was conducted between Oct. 3 and 5 for the Chicago Clean Power Coalition, which describes itself as a pro-environment grass-roots group. Results are said to be accurate within a four-percentage point margin of error.

The survey results come as the political pressure is growing on Midwest Generation LLC, owner of the two plants, to shut them down.

For years, the continued operation of these plants has been linked to health problems in the Pilsen and Little Village neighborhoods, inspiring a sustained environmental justice campaign against their continued operation.  The consequences of burning coal is one of the subjects Dr. Carla Jones will explore when she teaches SUST 310 Energy and Climate Change online in Spring 2012.  If you are interested in taking courses this fall, please contact your RU academic advisor for registration details and consultations on financial aid options. If you are not currently a Roosevelt University student, we encourage you to investigate our degree options, and our course listings. For more information, please visit our Sustainability Studies website, call 1-877-277-5978 (1-877-APPLY RU) or email applyRU@roosevelt.edu.

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