Roosevelt University “All Recycled” Production of “Rent” Needs Your 2-Liter Plastic Bottles

We in the Sustainability Studies program are happy to pass this message along from Michael Lasswell of Roosevelt University’s Theatre Department.


We need your 2 liter plastic bottles for our “all recycled” production of “Rent.”  As you can see above, in this TerraCycle website, there is a way to make these bottles into amazing  walls and partitions.  We need the bottles to make the back wall into a giant light box for the Set.  We ONLY want 2 LITER Soda or Juice bottles, ANY COLOR, ANY SHAPE. See the attached pictures.  No Milk Bottles, please.  If it makes transportation easier, you can crush the bottles flatter, for transport, and we will blow them back up when you drop them off.

Please leave all bottles INSIDE room 775 of the Auditorium Building (430 S. Michigan Avenue), the paint room,  in the large burlap sack, just inside the door.  If that room is locked, please call (773) 318-2438 and we will make sure someone takes them from you.

Tell your friends and family.  We need at least 500 of these, so please don’t put them in your re-cycle bin – Give them to us and we will make them ROCK. We will keep collecting them until Halloween, October 31st.

Again, the drop-off point for your 2-liter plastic bottles is inside Room 775 of the Auditorium Building (430 S. Michigan Avenue) between now and Halloween.

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